It's used for release a new version of your project.

The purpose of this command is increment the value under the version field of your files declared at .bumpedrc.

When you want to release a new version, you need to specify a high new version of your project.

For do that, we can follow different approach:


This is the classic way. You have to provide the keyword that increment the X,Y or Z version of your X.Y.Z version declared.

In this mode, you can also create prebuilds. Are the keywords availables in this mode are:

bumped release <major|premajor|minor|preminor|patch|prepatch|prerelease>


Providing the exact version that you want to release.

It's similar to semver approach, but specifying using numbers the version to be released.

It's aligned with the pattern:

bumped release <[0-9].[0-9].[0-9]>


It's a modification of the semver version focusing in a more semantic keywords.

bumped release <breaking|feature|fix>

The following example is equivalent between the three approaches

$ bumped release 2.0.0
$ bumped release major
$ bumped release breaking

Where in all the cases the message will be:

success	: Releases version '2.0.0'.