It initializes a .bumpedrc file in the path.

bumped init is a smart command that tries to add common configuration files.

For example, if your project has package.json, it detects and adds them automagically:

$ bumped init

bumped File package.json has been added.
bumped Current version is 0.0.0.
bumped Config file created!.

At this moment, Bumped creates a configuration file .bumpedrc, which is associated with the project folder.

If you open this file, its content is a list made up of all the synchronized files:


- package.json



    Linting config files:
      plugin: bumped-finepack


    Generating CHANGELOG file:
      plugin: bumped-changelog

    Committing new version:
      plugin: bumped-terminal
      command: git add CHANGELOG.md package.json && git commit -m "Release $newVersion"

    Detecting problems before publish:
      plugin: bumped-terminal
      command: git-dirty && npm test

    Publishing tag at Github:
      plugin: bumped-terminal
      command: git tag $newVersion && git push && git push --tags

    Publishing at NPM:
      plugin: bumped-terminal
      command: npm publish

NOTE: The file is generated in YAML format, but currently it supports JSON or CSON as well.

The file generated is divided in two sections:


type: Array

Bumped needs at least a one file with a version field for synchronizing the version around all the files.

If it cannot detect a configuration file, the command will create a package.json with a version field.


type: Object

It contents the prerelease and postrelease tasks to perform every time that you release a new version using Bumped.

As you can see, the definition of a task is composed by:

  • The description of the task.
  • The plugin to use for perform the task.
  • The API of the task for connect with your code.