Make releasing software easy.

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Bumped is a release system that make it easy to perform actions before and after releasing a new version of your software.


npm install bumped -g

First steps

When you start a new project, run bumped init.

It creates a configuration file called .bumpedrc associated with your project where your release steps will be declared.

The configuration file is divided into 3 sections:

  • Files that will have the version incremented.
  • Steps to do before incrementing the version
  • Steps to do after incrementing the version

For example, a typical .bumpedrc file will have:

  • Before increment the project version, do a set of actions related to the integrity of the project: Run tests, lint files, check for unstaged changes, etc.
  • Increment the project version in all necessary files, for example, in package.json.
  • After that, do actions mostly related with the publishing process: Publish a new git tag on GitHub, publish new NPM project version.

Now, next time you run bumped release <major|minor|patch> it performs all the release steps.



  • Separates the processes of creating and publishing software.
  • Synchronizes, unifies and publishes different software versions for the different package managers.
  • Easy to integrate it with both with your current and new projects.
  • Provides a plugin system for associate action before and after releasing your software.

Bumped synchronizes your software version across different package manager configuration files and controls, edits and releases each of its versions to ensure all the files have the same version.

Because writing software is hard enough, we must make the publishing process of software simple and effective.

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